Every Day 2

Just when Corey thought he broke the spell it comes back with a vengeance, transforming him into a new female stereotype every day until he can free himself in Every Day 2, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon.

It’s been two weeks since Corey broke the spell that saw him waking up each morning as a different fictional female character. George, the vengeful loser who cast the spell, has disappeared and Corey is just beginning to relax when the transformations start happening again.

One day Corey wakes up in his own bed to find he’s been turned into a gorgeous lingerie model whose only outfits are bras and nighties and negligees. Just like last time, Corey is the only one aware of the change. Even his girlfriend thinks he’s always looked like this.

The transformations get more extreme every day, changing Corey’s emotions and his thoughts into those of the female stereotypes he appears to be. And this time, George is transforming, too. He’s lost control of the spell and finds himself turning into a more intense, more seductive version of Corey’s transformation.

Can Corey and George work together to break the spell? Or will they wake each day compelled to act as the female stereotypes they’ve now become?

Corey tapped his pencil on the desk impatiently as Mr. Sanders stood in front of the blackboard and droned on about the civil war. God, history was boring. Corey would take the hard certainty of math over this nebulous interpretation of shit that happened in the past any day. He stretched his long legs out beneath the desk and shifted in his chair to look over at his girlfriend, Caitlin. The only thing that got Corey through this class was being able to look at her.

Caitlin was focused intently on Mr. Sanders. Unlike Corey, she loved this history shit. That was fine with Corey because it allowed him to stare at his girlfriend for long periods of time without her becoming embarrassed or self-conscious. Corey’s eyes flitted over Caitlin’s gorgeous blonde hair, held back in a ponytail that let a lock of hair swoop gently across her forehead. With her upturned slip of a nose, her full, pouty lips, and her sculpted cheekbones, she had the perfect profile. Corey’s eyes slipped down to Caitlin’s top. She had a body that made even a plain white t-shirt look like the sexiest lingerie.

She must have sensed him looking because she turned her head and flashed him a quick smile, all white teeth and ruby lips. She let her little, pink tongue play out slightly across her lips teasingly, before turning her attention back to Mr. Sanders. Corey, too, looked away lest he get a full hard-on in class.

It had been two weeks since Corey had led the school basketball team to victory over their rivals. Two weeks since the week that Corey had woken up every day in a different female body and been gradually overcome by the urges of the form he’d inhabited. He’d nearly lost himself and been forced to be George’s magical sex slave forever. He still remembered everything he’d done in those sensual feminine forms. He still remembered taking George’s cock in his mouth, the memory tinged not with disgust but with the delight he felt at the time, the overwhelming pleasure in being George’s sex toy. But no one else seemed to remember anything unusual. It was as if Corey’s changes were just accepted as normal.

Corey had started broaching the subject of his transformations to Caitlin several times but quickly dropped it each time. The first time had been as they lay naked in bed together, the day after Corey’s big win had broken the spell.

“Hey, Caitlin, did you notice anything strange about me last week?” He’d asked as she snuggled up to him, her breasts pressing against his chest while he held her close.

“Well…you were a little distant. I thought it was just nerves. You know, getting ready for the championship and all.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t look strange or anything?”

“What, like horns growing out of your head?” She asked with a smile.

“Maybe something like that,” he tried to play it off as a joke.

Clearly Caitlin had no memory of Corey’s transformations and he wasn’t about to confess something that would make him sound insane. But he wasn’t making it up. He knew it was true. Knew it from his memories. Knew it from George’s absence.

George. If he ever saw that guy again he’d beat the shit out of him. Corey glanced in the direction of George’s empty seat near the front of the class. George hadn’t been seen since that night Corey won the tournament and broken the spell. Corey had driven over to George’s house the next day intending to teach him a lesson but there had been a police car in the driveway and so Corey had kept on driving. It soon came out that George was missing. Just disappeared. Rumor around the school was that he’d killed himself but, somehow, Corey didn’t believe it. Corey was the only one who knew the power George possessed. A guy with those kinds of powers killing himself? No way. But Corey’s fear that something awful was imminent abated as the days passed and normalcy remained.

The bell rang signaling the end of class and breaking Corey out of his daydream.

“Read chapters 13 and 14 tonight,” Mr. Sanders called out over the sound of students gathering their things. “They will be on Wednesday’s test!”

Corey slid his backpack over one shoulder and slipped his other arm around Caitlin’s waist as they walked out the door.

“You looked a little distracted in there,” Caitlin smirked.

“I’m always distracted when you’re around.” He gave her a squeeze.

“Calm down, tiger,” Caitlin said, smoothing her blonde lock of hair behind one delicate ear. “You do have to pass this class if you want to stay on the team.”

“Yeah, yeah. You want to come over and help me study tonight?”

“I doubt we’d get much studying done.”

“Wow, that’s optimistic. I’d doubt we’d get any studying done.”

He kissed her on the cheek and she giggled. “You’re a menace. Oh, you did get your tux for this weekend, right?”

“Of course,” Corey lied. She gave him a serious stare and he relented. “Ok, no, I’m going to get measured tomorrow. There’s plenty of time.”

“Prom is this Saturday! I picked my dress out weeks ago. If you show up in one of your dad’s old work shirts–”

“It’s okay, babe, I’ll get it done before the buzzer. It’s me.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

The bell rang, signaling the start of the next period.

“Gotta go, don’t forget the tux!” Caitlin gave Corey a quick peck on the cheek and walked off down the hallway. Corey watched the sway of her perfect ass until she disappeared around the corner.

The rest of the day was uneventful: more class, dinner with the family, homework, then bed. Even two weeks later all Corey’s dad seemed to want to talk about was how Corey had won the game.

“That was my boy. You did right. Didn’t let the fact you were down by twenty scare you. It scared me, I’ll tell you!” He laughed heartily.

Corey and his mom glanced at each other in commiseration before smiling agreeably at Corey’s dad. James, the foreign exchange student, remained blissfully ignorant of the whole dynamic and soon had engaged Corey’s dad in a rousing discussion on the merits of soccer versus basketball.

By the time Corey went to bed that night he’d forgotten about enacting his revenge fantasy on George. That all changed the next morning.


Corey’s alarm clock blared and he reached over to shut it off. He immediately noticed that the hand he rested on the clock was delicately feminine, his arm shapely, the skin smooth, the nails long and red. Dread gripped him and he threw back the covers.

His powerful male body was gone, replaced with a stunningly sexy female one dressed like a lingerie model. His exquisite hourglass figure was covered by some sexy white stockings and a garter belt that contrasted wonderfully with his rich burnt umber skin. A bustier squeezed his perfect breasts together to form deep, eyepopping cleavage. The ribbons clasping the bustier to his figure were lacy and fragile-looking, as if one sharp breeze could tug them open and let his gorgeous naked figure spill out.

Corey staggered to his feet, balancing on his long, slender legs. He ran one hand through his long dark hair and felt it cascade in waves down his back. His hands flew to his face, fingers tracing the delicate features of his broader nose and plumper lips.

Fucking George!

Corey staggered down the hall to the bathroom and stared at his image in the mirror. The woman who stared back at him from the reflection had a model’s face: angular and with striking, almond eyes. Even with his hair tousled from sleep and the lack of makeup he was gorgeous.

And speaking of makeup…the bathroom counter was now cluttered with it. Beside the sink, where yesterday there had only been Corey and James’s razors and toothpaste, was now a vast explosion of makeup. Powders, and tubes, and vials and brushes and god knew what else were spread across the counter top. Corey supposed it came with his new body, though he hadn’t the faintest idea how to apply them or even what each one did.

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  1. I read it and loved every bit of it. Is there a third part in the works? Seems to me that the spell still has some juice since George vanished after Corey won prom king

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