It wasn’t your fault

It wasn’t your fault that you ended up in your sister’s body, it was that the walls were too thin.
You were in your room, minding your own business and in the middle of jacking off to some good ol’ internet porn when you heard your sister in the other room. She was having sex with her boyfriend – again! – and being super noisy about it – again! – and you could hear waaaay more than you wanted to.
Unfortunately, it also happened to be the night of the FOSE. One second you had your dick in your hand, about to cum to some big-titted MILF and the next you were in your sister’s room.
You were straddling some guy, your legs spread wide and feeling pleasantly full as something warm and hard pumped into you. Your hand was near your crotch but your fingers were on something slippery and wet. Glancing down, you were greeted with the sight of your sister’s tits bouncing on your chest, and your sister’s pussy stuffed full of her boyfriend’s cock, your little fingers just touching yourself.
You screeched and froze, utterly disgusted and perplexed at what was going on. But he must have taken it as a sound of pleasure because you felt his cock pump into you. You couldn’t get off him as he gripped your hips and plunged you down, filling your new cunt with his hot seed while you were forced to enjoy your sister’s roaring orgasm.
It was hardly over when your former body burst into the room, cum covering her fingers, and began screeching. Your sister’s boyfriend was alarmed and confused and it took a long time to figure out what happened. Your stomach sank when you realized you would be stuck as your sister for the rest of your life.

Aliens have abducted Neil and his best friend’s hot mom, swapping their bodies and experimenting to see how far they’ll go in their new forms in Close Encounters, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. If he was going to be stuck in a female body the rest of his life, well, his sister is pretty darn cute and has a nice rack so not a bad deal! Zoe

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