Really difficult

“This is ridiculous,” Kevin said in exasperation, as he watched his wife, Liz, ride his son, Simon. “How are you still doing this? It seems like you just don’t want to end it badly enough.”
His wife didn’t answer. She couldn’t answer, as she was just on the crest of another incredible orgasm. She just kept sliding up and down on her son’s massive shaft while he squeezed her tits. His cock spread her apart and she drove herself down on it as her moans rose in pitch until she came, quivering around her son’s massive girth as he pumped hot seed into her.
The pleasure had hardly abated before they swapped bodies. Now it was Liz’s turn to have the hard cock and shove it deep into her former tight wet hole. Simon enjoyed getting fucked every bit as much as Liz had. He was soon crying out as she squeezed his tits, marveling at how wonderful tits felt.
Kevin threw up his hands and went to make himself some dinner. His wife and son had been having sex since the Stranger burst in on them a week ago. When he first found them like this, Kevin was livid and disgusted. It was only later that he learned about the Stranger.
But, really, shouldn’t they be able to control themselves by now? Kevin knew his son was a teen but how much cum could he really have? Kevin didn’t understand the full extent of the spell, and the fact that mother and son kept switching bodies. All he understood was that it was really difficult to watch television with two people fucking on the couch beside him.

Aliens have abducted Neil and his best friend’s hot mom, swapping their bodies and experimenting to see how far they’ll go in their new forms in Close Encounters, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. It’s great to see the stranger, but I would like to see some more transformations, and some difference plots. In your stories, it tends to be the same: he swaps bodies and makes them have sex. He can do a lot more. The body part swap you had a bit ago was great. Great to see him, but I’d really enjoy a little variety. Thanks.

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