Request: Could you please do a caption where (during the great shift) a guy named Mark that is adjusting to living the life of a single milf named Maria, and he tries watching porn to relax himself and ends up masturbating to the dude instead of the girl?

Mark was a star athlete thrust into the body of Maria, the single young MILF next door, during the Great Shift. Sports had been his life and in less than a second it had been taken away from him. His new body wasn’t fat, but it wasn’t athletic either. The idea of trying to strengthen his feminine body up to his former masculine glory was daunting.
It wasn’t helped by the fact that he had issues with women in general. He had been charitably called “toxically masculine” when he was a man, and carried the same prejudices even when his mind was put into the body of a slightly older woman.
About two months into the Shift, when it became evident the whole thign was irreversible, psychologists came up with a range of ways people could acclimate to their new bodies if they were having trouble. The most popular was a version of immersion therapy, where one walked around completely naked for days. It forced them to look at and get adjusted to their new bodies.
Shit, might as well try this out, Mark thought to himself.
Mark ordered one of his favorite porno videos, a rough gang bang where the group of guys manhandled the woman into submission. He undressed and lay back on his bed to watch it. He jammed his finger in his pussy and began fingering himself fast and furiously, just like he used to do as a man. Strangely, the video wasn’t doing anything for him. He kept thinking how much it would hurt to do those things they were doing to the woman. And how much it did hurt to finger his dry-ass pussy.
“Fuck, I’m becoming a little bitch,” he muttered to himself.
Mark flicked to another video. This one a little softer with a man and a woman.

As he watched them kiss and enact the foreplay he’d always been too selfish to try, his hand wandered down his body, stroking his soft skin. He kept his eyes locked on the movie as he spread his legs, one of his fingers testing his new slit and coming away damp with his moisture.
Mark’s eyes locked on the man”s cock onscreen. His pussy grew wetter and he slid deeper inside. Now his body was growing hornier, a powerful tension building within him. He began plunging his fingers into his sopping wet opening as he gripped a pillow with the other hand. Cries escaped his lips and his body wiggled uncontrollably as he tried to find the perfect speed, the perfect spot.
Images flashed into his mind. That of the man’s cock in his mouth and his pussy. Mmm, he could imagine his fingers inside him were the man’s dick, thrusting up into his wet hole making him cry out in lust. He came suddenly, flexing and bending around his fingers as he plunged into his wet heat and moaned.
The orgasm burned through Mark, beautiful in its intensity. And after the pleasure came the deep realization: He wanted to be a woman. He desired to spend the rest of his life in this soft body, to have these tits hanging from his chest, this pussy between his legs.
And, one day if he was lucky, maybe he could land a male lover who was more sensitive to his needs than he’d ever been to the women he’d banged.

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  1. OMG as a biotechnology student, this was such a delight to read. Awesome work man.
    Ofcourse it’s gonna change his perspective overtime because of the hormones

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