Infinite pleasure

Request: Hey, I love your captions and had this really hot idea for a Stranger caption: can you have the Stranger put me in my girlfriend’s body and made it flexible enough for me to eat myself out within my gfs body, can you also make it so the Stranger has curse me to have infinite orgasms, essentially not letting me do anything but eat myself out to orgasm over and over again. Thanks!

Trapped in the body of my girlfriend, Shelly, and cursed (or blessed?) by the Stranger with an unnatural flexibility, I bent over myself and spread my dripping pussy with my girlfriend’s hands. I couldn’t stop licking myself, my little pink tongue sliding into my warm, wet folds. I loved the sight of myself spread wide, the salty taste of myself, and the delicious musky scent of the pussy I now owned. It was a good thing I loved it because I was forced to eat myself out.
My tongue dipped into my pink folds and another tremendous orgasm built within me, the pressure increasing with each lick of my tongue until it exploded and I came. My pussy dripped into my mouth and I buried my face in myself as pleasure roared through me. It had hardly passed before I was compelled to resume licking my pussy.
The Stranger had burst in on my girlfriend and me while we were having sex. He swapped our bodies before I even registered someone else was in the room. Then he compelled me to orgasm to infinity as he absconded with my girlfriend and my body.
I would like to go after them but I can’t. I would like to help the police out on the case but I can’t. I would like to be able to talk to my friends and family again but I can’t. All I can do is keep sucking on my own pussy and orgasming forever.

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