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Request: Hi! Can you do a story where a guy named leo is in the middle of a sex session with his girlfriend Hannah, but they both swap bodies from a curse Hannah had, and cums right afterward, sealing the curse?

“Oh, god, I’m gonna cum,” Leo moaned, gripping Hannah’s hips and thrusting up deep inside her as she rode him.
In one blink he was suddenly sitting up, and sitting on top of someone, his legs spread while something warm and firm was lodged deep inside his core. The warm thing was throbbing, spurting jets of heat into him while silky hair tickled down his shoulders. Leo stared down at himself, saw the tiny taut tits of his girlfriend, his trim tummy with the distinctive belly ring, and his new pussy, spread wide and filled with his own dick.
“What the fuck??” He shrieked in Hannah’s tiny voice.
He managed to struggle off of his cock, and felt warm cum sliding down his thighs.
“Oh, fuck,” Hannah moaned, rubbing her eyes. “It’s the curse.”
“Curse? What curse?” Leo said, his voice sounding shriller than ever.
“Some old bag cursed me to swap bodies with the next person I had sex with.”
“And you didn’t think to tell me??”
“I thought it was bullshit!” Hannah yelled.
“Well, this clearly is not bullshit,” Leo said, gesturing to the tiny body of his girlfriend which he now possessed. “We need to find her and get her to switch us back.”
“All right. Can we get something to eat first?”
“You must remember how you feel after sex.”
“….Fine. But make it quick.” Leo pouted. She was being awfully blasé about this whole thing. Almost like she wanted it to happen.

A freak lightning strike swaps an old man into a young woman’s body where he’s forced to fake his way through her life in Do-Over, a super-sized story available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Bodyswapstories. Preview here.

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