Shouldn’t have any problem

Request: Still love your stuff. Here’s an idea: A guy visits a familiar escort, but she doesn’t seem to recognise him even though he’s a regular. He doesn’t care because she seems to be really into it this time and initiates on all sorts of things that were off limits, like french kissing when she didn’t want her face touched at all before. She even forgets all about the condom. The guy thinks he’s really lucky until the swapper in her body switches them.

Aaron didn’t know what had gotten into Tanya that day but he didn’t mind at first. She was his favorite escort and, sure, it was annoying that she seemed to have trouble recognizing him today.
But her self-imposed boundaries were gone. Usually she refused to kiss, thinking it too intimate for sex work, but today she jumped right on top of him and thrust her tongue into his mouth. Even better, she rode him bareback, shoving aside any suggestion of a condom as she grabbed his cock and slipped it into her wet entrance.
Aaron grabbed her close and sunk deep into her. She straddled him, her lips pressed to his, her tits resting on his chest. Aaron was rock hard and he thrust up deep into her warmth, moving faster and faster. He clutched her tight, fingers slipping through her hair and pulling their lips together as he thrust up and grunted.
A curious thing happened just as he felt the blissful release. The world flipped and suddenly he felt himself lying on top of someone as they pulled him close, trapping his lips against theirs. Even stranger was the feeling of something inside him, thrusting deep and bringing with it quick spurts of heat.
When the hand on his head released him he sat up. Tits swung into view. His tits. Hanging from his chest. And the man beneath him was himself.
“That was a nice life,” his body grinned. “But I think I’m ready to settle down.”
Aaron gasped, an airy feminine sound, and realized that the alien feeling inside him was his own former dick.
His body pushed him off and began getting dressed as the stranger in his body explained that he was a swapper. Aaron was stuck in the body of his favorite prostitute, while the swapper would take over his life.
“Nothing you can do about it,” the swapper said. “So you may as well enjoy it. Shouldn’t have any problem doing that.”

A freak lightning strike swaps an old man into a young woman’s body where he’s forced to fake his way through her life in Do-Over, a super-sized story available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Bodyswapstories. Preview here.

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  1. Honestly love these types of story. – Being tricked/ sealed inside after being cocky/enjoying it a little too much.

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