Pretty dang good

“Oh!” Micah squealed as Alex splashed up between his legs and drew Brianna’s tongue loving across Micah’s pussy.
Micah’s squeal turned into a deep sigh as Alex worked his magic on Micah’s new pussy. Micah held his legs apart and stared down past his enormous breasts to watch the his friend lick his new pussy.
The Great Shift had occurred just before their high school football game, swapping all of the football players into the cheerleading squad. The guys soon got used to their new bodies and, though they didn’t play football anymore, they still hung out. Only now those hang out sessions usually devolved into pussy eating group orgasms.
Today, Micah had invited the guys to his pool for some drinks and commiseration over being women.
“It’s not sooo bad, Micah,” Alex said from within his buxom blonde body as he swam naked through the pool.
“Oh yeah?” Micah sighed.
“Yeah. Because there’s always this.”
That was when Alex had launched himself between Micah’s legs.
Now all the guys joined in, pairing up with a partner or lying back to explore their bodies on their own. In minutes their moans and orgasmic cries filled the air as their nubile young bodies were brought to orgasm.
It wasn’t football, but it was pretty dang good anyway.

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