Request: A young married couple live apart from each other due to the husband having to work out of state. The wife has access to a spell book and swapped their bodies once before so they could enjoy each others bodies, and the husband fell in love with being her. So much so that the second time they swap he uses her body to have an affair with his best friend.

“Holy shit, your wife’s tits are incredible,” Evan said as he squeezed Noah’s breast.
“Aren’t they?” Noah replied, his body warming beneath his friend’s touch. “Just…don’t tell my wife I let you do this.”
Noah frequently went out of town for business. Noah’s wife, Hannah, was a witch who would cast a body swap spell so they could be with each other even when they were apart. What she didn’t know was that Noah would invite his best friend over during these sessions so they could explore his wife’s body together.
It had happened by accident. Noah had swapped into Hannah’s body and had just fingered himself to a roaring orgasm when Evan dropped by, not knowing that Noah was out of town. Noah answered the door in only a bath robe and was still so horny from his single orgasm that he pulled his friend inside. To be fair to Evan, it took some time for Noah to convince him that he was who he said he was. But when he finally did, Evan took to it with gusto.
They both watched as Evan squeezed Noah’s fantastic breasts and then lowered his head to suck on his nipples. Noah squirmed as his body lit with lust. He’d never been penetrated as a woman before but he was eager and wet for it now. Evan was soon bouncing on his friend’s cock, his wife’s tits jiggling wildly as an immense orgasm crept towards them both.

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