Darren’s pink lips dropped open and he squeaked with his sister’s voice as she – in her boyfriend’s body – squeezed his bare ass. Darren would have dearly loved to release the two cocks he had gripped in his slender fingers and at least cover himself up. But the Stranger’s magic made that impossible. The twin cocks leapt to attention again beneath his fingers.
“Sorry, Darren,” His sister’s boyfriend said from within Darren’s own body as he, too, began fondling the sexy blonde that Darren had become.
Darren was visiting his sister and her boyfriend when the Stranger stopped by. He – or she? Their three accounts of the Stranger’s appearance differed – had swapped them all around and made it so that Darren couldn’t release his grip on either dick. The magic compelled him to suck them both off to completion whenever they grew hard. His body burned with desire as they unloaded into his mouth and over his face.
Even more humiliating was that he couldn’t clean himself. The two swapped guys had to clean him off as he remained glued to their dicks, the last of their cum dripping down his slender fingers.
It was impossible to get dressed or to go out anywhere connected like this. And they just kept getting erect! Darren serviced them again and again. He didn’t know whether it was worse he was forced to suck them off, or that his sister’s body was so damn horny that he really wanted them to slip inside him.

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