I look even bigger

“Oh my god, I look even bigger from this angle,” Chris giggled.
He continued stroking his former cock with his girlfriend’s hands, sliding his nimble fingers up and down the warm shaft. His smaller fingers made his dick feel huge in his hands. His former cock grew beneath his touch and he began to stroke the balls, just like he had enjoyed when he was in his body.
“Oh, fuck, that feels good,” Kimmy moaned. An urgent tension blossomed at the base of her dick as Chris continued stroking her.
The football player and the cheerleader had begun swapping bodies to celebrate after every victory. Chris enjoyed being in his girlfriend’s smaller body, being lighter and more agile. He also enjoyed the feel of his pussy as he grew wet as he teased the both of them by stroking his former dick.
Kimmy enjoyed being big and burly, picking up Chris and swinging him around as he laughed. He was so good with her fingers, knowing just how to stroke him.
“Put it in your mouth,” Kimmy whispered.
Chris had been in Kimmy’s body three times and they hadn’t gone any farther than a handjob.
“Just kiss it,” Kimmy said, when he faltered.
Chris lowered his lips and gently kissed his own shaft. His hot breath on her girth nearly made Kimmy explode but she held it together as his lips slid up and down the base of her cock. Soon she would be able to convince him to go all the way, one step at a time.

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