Joys of being a woman

Max brushed the blush across his sister’s cheek, pausing to eye himself in the mirror. He’d lost a bet with her and now had to go out on a date in her body with one of his friends.
“Why are you still topless? Get dressed!” Emma said as she peaked into the room.
“I will. Let me just finish my makeup.”
Max enjoyed being in Emma’s body, though he would never admit it to her. He lost the bet on purpose and had enjoyed an epic orgasm in her body in the shower, muffled by the running water. Now he let his breasts swing free as he put the finishing touches on his face.
“Wow,” Emma said, standing back and admiring the finished result. “You made me look hot.”
“Did I?” Max asked nonchalantly, though he knew exactly how stunning he looked. “You think this will give Brett any ideas?”
“Everything gives men ideas,” Emma retorted, hunting through her closet for an outfit for him.
Max acted reluctant but he really wanted this to go well. He’d been in his sister’s body several times but had yet to be with anyone else while inside her. Tonight he planned to change that. Of course, he wasn’t going to tell his sister. Let her think that he hated it. That way she’d be more inclined to swap their bodies again, thinking she was punishing him. Instead, Max planned to experience all the physical joys of being a woman, starting with riding Brett tonight.

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