Might as well

Tina opened her bedroom door and the first thing she saw was her former body, bare ass facing her, legs spread. Tina’s eyes were drawn straight to the pink pussy lips beneath the auburn peach fuzz. She gasped and her brother whipped his head around.
“Oh!” Paul squeaked as he dropped the phone and struggled to push the dress down to cover himself.
‘What were you doing?” Tina asked. She was livid. She was also confused. Because at that first glimpse of her pussy she’d felt a tingle and her brother’s cock began to stiffen in her pants.
“N-nothing,” Paul replied.
“Nothing?” Tina said, snatching the phone from his hand.
She flipped through it and found about twenty pictures of her former body posing. In each picture was was gradually revealing more and more skin. It was embarrassing and enraging and…arousing.
“You can’t do this. Dad’s gonna fix the machine and we’ll all change back.”
“Dad’s not gonna fix the machine,” Paul huffed, tossing his hair out of his eyes. “We are fucked.”
Tina’s eyes dipped to her former chest and her pants tightened some more. Paul glanced down and a smile crept across his face.
“See you something you like?” Paul asked.
“N-no,” Tina said.
“Hey,” Paul replied in a silky voice as he eased his legs apart. Tina’s eyes were drawn to the beautiful dark crevasse between his thighs. “Dad’s not gonna fix the machine so we might as well fuck.”

I’m going to use my body hopping powers to possess a gorgeous young woman and enjoy a vacation in her body in Getaway, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. Awesome story! As a woman, I always appreciate the ones from the female perspective (F2M). Good ones are really hard to find out there! 😌

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