Request: I just took my son to a play date at his friends house and met his friend’s parents for the first time. The mom (Jessica) was unbelievably hot, petite redhead. Can you do a cap where that night after I leave I cast a spell to possess her husband so that I can have sex with her? Thank you!

I was tongue tied for a second when the front door opened and the most unbelievably gorgeous redhead I'd ever seen appeared with a smile on her face. I was bringing my son over for a playdate with her son and I stopped to talk for awhile just so I could drink her in. Her name was Jessica and her family had recently moved in. Her husband, TJ, was a tall, handsome guy with a friendly smile.
That evening, after my son was put to bed, I feigned a headache and went to bed early so I could cast my possession spell. I appeared instantly in TJ's body. Jessica was in the kitchen and I slipped up behind her and grabbed her playfully around the waist and kissed her neck.
"Someone's frisky," she laughed, a soft sound that turned into a sigh as I nipped the top of her shoulders.
"We'll have to do it in the bathroom so we don't wake the little one," she said, snaking a hand down my pants and leading me to the bathroom.
She got on her knees and sucked my cock, savoring me, closing her eyes, clearly enjoying having me inside her mouth. It was all I could do to not come right then and there between those soft, pillowy lips.
Then I lay on the floor and she rode me, my new cock slipping slowly into her tight opening. She was warm and wet and perfect. I gripped her hips as she bounced on top of me, throwing her head back and orgasming around my cock as I came inside her, thrusting up and filling her with hot jets of cum until we were both satisfied.
The only drawback was that when I returned to my own body I was horny as hell.

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