"Could you not dress up my mom's body like that?" Greg begged, trying not to look down his mom's top.
The hooker in his mom's body, Marilyn, crossed her legs and huffed, "Sweetie, this is my body now and this is how I want to dress. Besides, my clients like it."
"That's the other thing," Greg sighed, "You don't have to be a hooker."
"Honey, I don't just do it for the money. I enjoy the sex."
"But you can start a new life."
Greg's mom had switched bodies with a hooker during the Great Shift. His mom was a religious woman and wore her tattooed new body like a badge of honor. They'd even invited the hooker to stay with them so they could keep an eye on her former body but it wasn't going well. Marilyn went out every night to please clients and, despite his mom's magnanimous gesture, Jeff could tell she hated seeing the hooker abuse her body.
"Honey, if I had a fucktoy at home maybe I wouldn't have to go out so much."
Greg realized it was the only way to save his mom from utter embarrassment, so he agreed to be Marilyn's fucktoy, little understanding just how much she loved sex. She demanded it several times a day, pulling Greg back into the bedroom and making him fuck her from behind.
Greg was forced to slide his cock into his mom's wet opening, hear the slap of his groin on her ass as he plunged into her, watch her huge tits sway back and forth, and hear her moaning his name as he pounded her until she came and he emptied himself into his mom's pussy. Greg didn't confess to his mom what he'd done to help her, and he didn't confess to Marilyn that he was enjoying it.

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