Yummy Mummy (MtF Possession)

An old man possesses the body of his curvy MILF stepdaughter for a break from his own life, and he can’t resist exploring his new body in Yummy Mummy, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

By dinnertime Scott was exhausted from child-minding. His grandkids were lovely but much more work when they were with their mom. Not at all like the docile way they acted when with their grandparents.

Scott made spaghetti and meatballs, which was one of the only meals he could cook as he hadn’t gotten Courtney’s skills to go with the body. Fortunately, it was also a meal the kids loved. Addy slurped up a strand of spaghetti, spraying sauce across her cheek in a way both hilarious and adorable.

This did get uploaded to Courtney’s social media.

Afterwards, it was a matter of getting the kids through the shower and to bed, reading to the two little ones and stopping by the basement to check on Jaxon, eventually finagling a peck on the cheek out of him. When the kids were in bed and Scott was alone he felt the nervousness flow out of his body. It was time to indulge himself.

He searched through Courtney’s nightstand, digging into the back of the drawer until he found the vibrator he’d assumed was there. It was a palm-sized oblong with a curved nub at one end, the whole thing covered in pink rubbery material. He took it into the bathroom and locked the door before tossing off his dress. Courtney’s body stretched beneath him, the nipples of her heavy breasts already perking out with excitement at just the thought of what he intended to do.

Standing in profile, Scott admired her body in the mirror, enjoying the generous curves, the bouncy bubble butt, the full mom-figure that she owned and he now possessed. She strategically hid her unsightly curves under baggy clothing, but Scott enjoyed the natural look and feel of her body. He didn’t want to be a supermodel; he wanted to be a mom.

Scott turned on the water and stepped into the shower, putting the little pink vibrator on the edge of the tub as he luxuriated in the hot water. It poured over his skin, sluicing between his breasts. He took his time, soaping his body up with Courtney’s peach scented body wash, hands sliding across skin that soon became erotically slick. He lingered on his breasts, rubbing the body wash over and under them, holding them up and letting them bounce back down, gliding his hand down over his tummy, around his back and between the crack of his butt, circling over each jiggling butt cheek until he could feel an inner warmth even beneath the hot water splashing over him. Feeling himself up like this was wonderful.

Picking up the vibrator, he turned it on and slipped it between his legs, adjusting by feel against his opening, fingers brushing against the coarse pubic hair. He moved it around inside him, experimenting with different angles and pressures until the vibrator nub landed on a place near the top of his pussy that sent exciting shivers through him. He held it there as his body warmed, his pussy becoming wetter than water.

He took one of his breasts in his free hand. It was deliciously heavy and he brought it to his lips to suck on a nipple. He flicked his tongue across the little nub, nipping gently with his teeth and sending little electric pulses through him that joined with the warm waves creeping up from between his thighs. Wrapping his fingers around his tit he squeezed, enjoying the perfect give of his skin, the feel of his tit between his fingers. His pussy was wet and aching now. He could feel the little lips expanding, his clit rising to meet the vibrator.

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