Pimping 3

Sandra loved her new body. So much tighter and cleaner than her old. She didn't care that she'd stolen someone's life. Life was hard and if she could get ahead, well, fuck everyone else. Which was sort of funny because she was fucking everyone else. Once she'd made this body her own -- tatting herself up, getting her tits done, having her clit pierced, plastering on the makeup and fake nails -- she made mad money. The clients loved stretching her out and she loved being filled. She wasn't thinking about anything but pleasure as she sucked on a cock, jerked off another, and felt a third slide into her tight asshole. She had so much energy now she could go for hours and with as many different people as her pimp could schedule.
In her down time she sometimes reflected on her new life and the lives of the other prostitutes in the whorehouse. They'd been wives and daughters, sisters and mothers before the pimp had given their bodies to his whores. But they'd all been beaten down so much by life they didn't question what stroke of good fortune gave them someone else's youth and vitality.
And Sandra's new son...well...he was a little pervert. Not a bad kid, especially now that she had him eating out of her hand, among other places. She was well aware he'd set up hidden cameras in the bedroom to watch his mom's body get taken by multiple guys. In fact, she showed off for him, spreading her pussy wide so the camera could catch her pink folds, moaning around the delicious dick in her mouth, stroking the cock in her hand until it throbbed and covered her with creamy cum as she laughed and drank it all down. She knew Jason was in the next room over, pleasuring himself to all this, just waiting until he could get between her legs and clean her up. This was definitely a much better life than her old one.

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