Whole new chapter

"Whoa, it's so weird touching it like this," Mark said, using his best friend's fingers to stroke his former cock.
"How do you control this thing?" Erika groused, as Mark's touch made her dick throb once and grew an urgency between her legs.
"You don't," Mark laughed, continuing to stroke Erika's dick. "How's that feel?"
"Oh, fuck," Erika murmured, closing her eyes. "What are you doing to me?"
"Nothing you don't want, apparently," Mark said.
The two friends had taken Swap Class together and ended up getting paired up. They'd been best friends since they were kids and it was awkward being in each other's bodies at first. Mark had managed to ignore his physical attraction to Erika because she was more like his little sister. But once he was inside her body he couldn't ignore it any more.
The two friends returned to Mark's house and got naked to check out their new bodies. They tried pretending it was platonic curiosity, but there was an undercurrent of attraction there that they could no longer deny. Mark felt himself getting wet at the sight of his new breasts and plump curves. And Erika, well, it was obvious what she thought of him.
She didn't tell him to stop stroking her cock so he didn't. But he did move closer to her, until their bodies were touching and their lips pressed together. They gave in to the temptations of their new bodies, and started a whole new chapter in their relationship.

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