Pimping 2

Several weeks after the prostitute had returned home in his mom's body, Jason still couldn't forget how she'd made him feel when she sucked his dick. Since then, she'd moved in with him and their lives transformed into a new normal. She would bring home clients and fuck them in her bedroom, while Jason would pleasure himself to the sounds of his mom's moans. He'd stolen a pair of her panties and would wrap them around his dick as he stroked himself to completion.
She caught him one day before he could finish, coming into his room dressed as a sexy riding instructor and saw him with her panties in his hand. She stepped on his dick with her high heeled boots, grinding into him. He grabbed her boot and kissed it, loving the pain, the humiliation.
"Ha ha ha," Sandra laughed. "You're a sick little pervert aren't you? Getting off on your mom's feet. It's your mom! What a loser."
The pain and humiliation made Jason desperately horny and he slipped his hand up his mom's thigh.
"Fine," Sandra huffed, "Finish mommy off you fucking pervert."
She took a seat and Jason dove between her legs, tongue eagerly tasting her slick folds as he inhaled her wonderful musky scent. She smacked him with the riding crop as he licked her. He slid one finger into her wet folds while she called him names until he came, cock erupting onto his knees and spilling onto the floor.
"Clean yourself up," Sandra said when he'd finished. "I'm off to earn for big daddy."
She left him on his knees, the scent of his mom's pussy still fresh in his nose, the salty taste of her still lingering on his lips.

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