Payback (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7 of a serial about a misogynist transformed into his dream woman by a curse. His only way back is to take on 200 men in a year. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

Jack uses Peyton’s lust against him, giving Peyton as a reward to high performing associates and testing how far Peyton will go to obey him.

Peyton was hopeless as a receptionist. Lisa tried him on a variety of different bullshit jobs around the office because there were only so many coffee orders that he could mess up before people started getting upset. The things she tried to teach Peyton weren’t particularly challenging but Peyton would lose his concentration every time the office door opened. He would look up, heart hammering in his chest, hoping it was Jack, and forget what he was supposed to be doing. Even when he was speaking to someone on the phone he would pause, mid-sentence, hoping it was Jack interrupting. Peyton’s inability to complete basic tasks, together with his blonde locks and excessively sexy outfits, led the others to assume he was a bimbo trying to land a rich man. And, well, he basically was.

When Peyton wasn’t flummoxed he was bored. In an effort to keep him out of the front office Lisa had already had him sort out the supply closet several times. He’d restocked the fridge. He’d refilled the copy machines with paper. There were only so many menial tasks to do and Lisa was too busy to constantly worry about keeping him busy.

When Jack did make an appearance late in the morning, Peyton rushed from the back of reception. “Hi, Mr. Crassus, is there anything I can get you?”

“These need to be mailed out right away,” Jack said, thrusting some papers towards Peyton.

Peyton took them, hoping for a glance, a touch, a smile. But Jack turned and walked away. Peyton chewed on his lower lip, glancing up at Lisa, who was occupied with a phone call. Peyton turned and clicked after Jack on his high heels. Jack went into his office, Peyton following right behind. When Jack heard him he turned.

“Yes?” Jack said, his voice cold, his grey eyes boring right through Peyton.

“Mr., um, Crassus,” Peyton swallowed, feeling petite and delicate and needy. “I was hoping we could, um, talk.”

Peyton crossed the room to Jack and looked up at him, placing his hand on Jack’s broad chest and allowing Jack to look right down the low-cut neck of Peyton’s top. Surely, Jack wouldn’t be able to resist Peyton’s perky breasts?

“Is there a problem with your hearing, Peyton?” Jack said.

“W-what?” Peyton stumbled, searching Jack’s eyes for some hint of the desire that was flooding Peyton’s panties.

“Those papers,” Jack motioned to the papers still in Peyton’s hand. “Need to be mailed out right away.”

Jack was cold and unfeeling and it made Peyton that much wetter. God, he wanted to drag himself against Jack’s body, fill himself on Jack, rock and moan until he satisfied the aching desire coursing through him.

“Go on,” Jack said.

Peyton turned and Jack smacked him on the ass. Peyton squeaked and jumped, his hand coming up to rub his butt. Peyton turned back to Jack with a smile, but Jack’s grim expression didn’t change. He must be fucking with Peyton. Unsure, Peyton left Jack’s office, head down, cheeks red with embarrassment. He felt the dampness of his panties clinging to him at each step. The worse Jack treated him the more Peyton wanted him. He would do anything for him.

Peyton almost made a mess of mailing the papers until Lisa swooped in and corrected the address on the envelope. She then sent him back to the stock room to organize the supplies yet again. Peyton shoved papers here and there. He was useless. Worse than useless because this body was built to fuck and he couldn’t even do that.

“Oh, Jack,” he whimpered, wiping a tear from his eye.

He hated how mushy he felt. How desperate he was for such an asshole. He realized he had a problem but could do nothing to stop the flood of emotion. If he could just fuck Jack one more time surely that would work this feeling out of his system. Surely it would make Jack love him. Surely if he was just a good enough lay Jack would marry him and treasure him forever. Why wouldn’t Jack just give him that one more chance?

Peyton was picking at his microwave meal in the break room during lunch when one of the other receptionists appeared in the doorway. “There you are. Jack wants to see you in Luke’s office.”

Jack wanted to see him! Peyton’s heart hammered in his chest. He dumped the food into the trash and hurried to Jack’s office, pausing just outside the door to smooth down his dress, hike up his tits, and splay out the neck of his dress to show off his cleavage.

Peyton walked into the office with a huge smile on his face. He paused briefly, the smile flickering when he saw a man in an expensive tan suit sitting behind the desk. Even though Peyton had just been told, it took a few minutes for the man’s name to filter through Peyton’s lovestruck brain. It was Luke, one of the junior partners in the office.

“Come on in,” Jack motioned to Peyton, smiling at him and making Peyton’s heart melt.

“Oh, Peyton,” Luke said with a smirk. “Word around the office is that you’re very helpful.” Luke had always been a little weasel, willing to backstab anyone for the sake of his own career. Even his face was weaselly: sharp features, small, greedy eyes, toothy smile. He was a womanizer. An asshole. A perfect man for Peyton.

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