Swap Roulette

I don’t know why this hot blonde was on the Swap Roulette app on a Saturday afternoon but I was glad she was.
I opened the app, logged in, and clicked ‘Swap Me’ and was suddenly in her body. She was ready for a stranger to inhabit her, too, because she was dressed in a silk kimono that opened at the front.
Well, of course I opened it and began groping her tits. God, she felt wonderful,. Soft and silky and so, so squeezable. My new nipples spiked to attention.
My sheer panties afforded me a dazzling view of my new pussy. My rich velvety lips unfolded as I caressed myself, slowly growing wetter, a damp patch spreading across the fabric until I couldn’t take it anymore.
I jammed my hand downed my panties, fingers sliding into my slick warm entrance. My mouth dropped open and I moaned as I squeezed the tits and fondled the breasts that belonged to this stranger. I gaped down at myself, trying to memorize this beautiful body.
The app only gave me ten minutes as her, and it was just enough to enjoy one blissful orgasm before I was launched back into my own body.
She had her fun inside me, too, because I was bottomless, cock in hand, my own cum dripping down my fingers.
Definitely one of the best Swap Roulette experiences I’ve ever had.

A young man discovers a restaurant with a special service that allows people to possess the patrons, enjoy them, and change them to their liking in Eating Out, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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