It was kind of funny that the Swap Party put me into the body of Kendra and my friend into the body of Charlotte because Kendra and Charlotte hated each other, but my friend and I were all over each other in their delectable bodies.
Charlotte would have died if she’d seen me crawling her body up Kendra, kissing my way as I went until our breasts were pressed together and our tongues tasted each other. Charlotte’s little tits hung down against Kendra’s chest and I spread myself out on Kendra, wanting to connect with every inch of her soft warm body. Just kissing Kendra made me wet and horny.
It’s probably best that Charlotte didn’t see me dipping her face between her enemy’s legs and licking for all I was worth, tasting Kendra’s sweet juices as she clapped her thighs around my head and moaned in ecstasy. Kendra, too, probably wouldn’t have liked to know that her body returned the favor, tongue slipping deep inside her enemy’s warm, wet pussy as Charlotte’s voice cried out and her body quivered in orgasm.
We made them the best of friends, kissing and licking and sucking and fingering until our time was up. We probably should have dressed and separated before the signal that we were about to swap back. but we lost track of time. So while Kendra and Charlotte didn’t see exactly what we did in their bodies, when they swapped back and found themselves naked with each other, the musky taste of pussy in their noses, I’m pretty sure they figure it out.
It didn’t make them any friendlier towards each other.

Chapter 7 of a serial about a misogynist transformed into his dream woman by a curse. His only way back is to take on 200 men in a year. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

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