Payback (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6 of a serial about a misogynist transformed into his dream woman by a curse. His only way back is to take on 200 men in a year. Payback (Chapter 6) is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

In this chapter Peyton is smitten with his boss, Jack, and throws himself at him. Peyton doesn’t care how much Jack humiliates him, or how much of Peyton’s office reputation gets ruined as long as Jack makes a woman out of him.

Peyton woke up extra early on Monday with butterflies in his stomach. Today he would get to see Jack! Beautiful, wonderful Jack. He tossed the covers aside and practically danced to the bathroom. Intrinsically, Peyton knew he shouldn’t be excited to see Jack. That Jack was a jerk. Up his own ass. Conceited and arrogant. And yet Peyton grew flushed and excited at the thought of Jack’s arms caressing him.

Leah and Peyton shared a single bathroom. Peyton’s makeup spilled across the counters and filled the drawers. His beauty products sat around the edge of the bathtub, all sorts of shampoos and conditioners and special soaps almost for each body part.

Peyton had become adept at making himself gorgeous and set right to work. All that grief he’d given his exes about how long they took to get ready was nothing compared to how long Peyton now took. He made himself extra hot today, hoping he would make a huge impression on Jack. When his face was flawless he curled his silky blonde hair into gentle waves that danced down his face. He was a goddess. No way could Jack resist him.

Peyton went through outfit after outfit, trying them on and then tossing them aside, searching for the perfect one. He was aware he was doing exactly what his exes had done and that it had driven him insane at the time. Now it seemed necessary. He needed something sexy but not too sexy. Finally, when there was a pile of outfits on his bed, he found the perfect one.

It was a white dress with hints of yellow for some fun. Like all of his dresses, the neckline plunged low to reveal his fabulous tits. He clasped a slender gold chain around his neck, a simple pendant attached that hung just over his cleavage, drawing the eye. Matching high heels completed the look.

He grabbed a banana for breakfast on his way out the door. One of the consequences of having to keep his body so hot was that he was constantly starving. The magic required that he live up to his former impossible beauty standards, which meant any weight gain would drive him into a depression so deep he might never recover. He had to look like a centerfold at all times. Air brushed perfection. Sleek curves. Seductive smile.

Peyton’s anticipation rose as he neared the building. By the time the elevator doors swung open onto the floor of the office, Peyton’s heart was hammering in his chest. He’d dreamed of this moment for the past two weeks. Jack would push open the doors to the inner office and be instantly smitten. He would get on his knees and propose right there. The two would be married that day and Peyton would be Jack’s happy little wife. Jack would dote on him and love him forever. Peyton would happily remain a woman for Jack.

Instead, Lisa had him sit in the waiting room and fill out some paperwork.

“Is Jack here?” Peyton asked when he returned it all to Lisa.

“Yes, but he’s busy,” Lisa said brusquely as she flipped through his paperwork. She slid the clipboard back to him. “You missed some places. And I need to copy your ID.”

She pointed out the blanks for his social security number.

“Jack said I didn’t have to do this,” Peyton said, sliding the clipboard back to her.

She gave him a searing look and pushed the clipboard back to him. “Jack isn’t in charge of payroll. If you want to get paid we need this information.”

“Um,” Peyton tried again, hating how hesitant and unsure of himself he sounded. “Can you just speak to Jack?”

Lisa sighed. She’d clearly already had enough of him. How much of his exploits did she know already? He took a seat as she picked up the phone. There was a long conversation but eventually Lisa hung up and Peyton approached the desk.

“Is everything okay?”

“I guess so,” Lisa said, resignation in her voice. “Come on, let me show you around.”

Lisa walked him through the office. They passed around the perimeter of the inner floor. Cubicles filled one side while the perimeter was taken up with private offices. Every so often they passed huge floor to ceiling windows that looked down on the city. Lisa pointed out everything he would need – the supply closets, the lunchroom, the coffee machine, the copier – and Peyton pretended to be interested.

Everywhere they stopped the guys in the office flitted around him, fucking him with their eyes. He laughed at their stupid jokes. Made a few of his own. Tried to talk about hedge funds to prove that he knew something but just then Jack came out of his office and Peyton stuttered and lost his train of thought. The guys around him laughed as his airhead antics, unaware of the way his stomach was tumbling. But Jack headed in the other direction, seemingly oblivious to Peyton. He covered the pang of his disappointment with a bright smile.

Finally, when they were about to return to the waiting room, Peyton paused. “Is Jack back yet? Maybe I can say ‘hi’.”

“Later,” Lisa said.

She’d clearly pegged him for a bimbo. Probably she’d already heard what he’d done with Gerard and Jack and figured that’s why he was hired. Peyton took offense for a second before realizing that she was correct.

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