Nervous breakdown 2

Part 1

I was home sick and aimlessly clicking around the internet when I found I didn’t think it could possibly be real, but my hot math teacher, Mrs. Kerry, was on it and I got a free five minute trial so I decided ‘what the hell?’.
As soon as I clicked the button I found myself standing in front of my math classroom staring at a bunch of students. Silky hair hung down my face and, glancing down, I stared right into Mrs. Kerry’s cleavage. I blushed red but, man, it was hot. I dismissed the class early and as soon as the last one left I hopped onto the desk and began to pull up her dress. Her body was just coming into view when the trial ended and I was back in my own body.
I quickly scrambled for my credit card so I could possess her again. By the time I got back inside her she managed to get dressed again. I knew my time was limited so I yanked off her panties and popped open her top and began stroking her with her own hands.

Her body was tremendous and I was just getting nice and wet when I had a feeling I was being watched. Turning, I saw Brent gaping at me from the open door and thought ‘fuck it’. I invited him in and we wasted no time getting Mrs. Kerry naked.
Brent was soon fucking me, making my tits bounce with each thrust as I clutched the desk and threw my leg over his shoulder to welcome him deeper into my silky folds while I moaned in Mrs. Kerry’s throaty voice. Her body felt wonderful with a cock inside.
He finished before I did, pumping me full of hot cum but leaving me aching for more. I shooed him out the door and jumped back on the desk to finger myself, sliding two fingers into my slick pussy and clutching my impressive chest until my body trembled with orgasm. I came, gasping around my fingers, rolling on Mrs. Kerry’s desk with pleasure. And then my time was up and I was back in my own body.
I was definitely going to do that again.

Chapter 6 of a serial about a misogynist transformed into his dream woman by a curse. His only way back is to take on 200 men in a year. Payback (Chapter 6) is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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