Parent trap 7

The longer Robert stayed in Lilly’s body the more he enjoyed himself. She had a cushy life, a loving husband, and a banging body that Robert spent hours touching, both alone and with Henry. By the end of the week, when Lilly texted him that she was ready to swap back, Robert had other ideas.
“Hello?” Lilly called out, when she returned to her house.
“Up here,” Robert replied.
When she opened the bedroom door, Robert was lying on the bed in one of her sexiest outfits.
“Are you ready to switch back?” Lilly asked him.
“Actually,” Robert purred, crooking a finger to motion him closer. “I’d like to try something first.”
Robert pulled his former body into a kiss. Lilly couldn’t fight her raging teenage hormones and soon had a matching raging erection. She pulled away reluctantly.
“We can’t have sex or the swap will be permanent.”
“I’m okay with that,” Robert said, grabbing her erection in his slender fingers. His body was aching for it. He’d been teasing himself before she arrived and he was already wet and ready for her.
“I’m not,” Lilly said, as she gazed at his body, entranced.
Robert shrugged off his top and his breasts spilled out. he pressed them up against his former hands and looked up at Lilly with a pout on his pretty face. “I need you to touch me,” he begged in Lilly’s silky voice.
Lilly broke, grabbing him greedily, kissing his breasts, the nape of his neck. She was all over him, carried away by lust. By the time Robert turned and presented his glistening pussy to her she was lost. She gripped his gentle hips and plunged into him. Robert cried out, begging for more as she thrust into him with teenage vigor, her reluctance forgotten in her horniness. Robert urged her on, throwing his head back, arching his back and begging him to fuck his sweet pussy faster, harder.
With a final groan Lilly came, emptying herself into Robert as he quivered around her throbbing cock and enjoyed another of her wonderful orgasms. When Lilly finished she looked down in shock at her former body, disbelief written across her face.
“Now,” Robert said, turning to face her, his former cock still lodged in his slick hole. “You should leave before my husband gets home.”

Two bodyhopping friends find two women who’ve been victims of previous hoppers and set about rebuilding their lives while having some fun along the way in Saving Grace, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. be more interesting as if the daughter still wanted a relationship with Robert. Despite him being in her mom’s body forever.
    Leaving Lily regretting her actions.
    Would love to see the story keep going

  2. Wow, I never expected him to love Lilly’s body that much! I wonder what Lilly is going to say to her daughter now that she’s stuck as a man forever, and how Siobhan felt about this whole thing! Great series!

  3. That’s one way to do it… then again… I probably wouldn’t want to leave that body either!

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