One more thought

“Oh, Jesus!” You moan in a fluttery voice as you slowly sink your mom’s body down onto your former cock.
Your old dick feels so wonderful as it parts your new lips and slips into your wet heat. It presses apart the walls of your pussy, filling you as it take it all down, lowering yourself onto your former lap.
Your mom feasts on your tits, her tongue gliding across your nipple and growing the ache between your legs. She grips your ass and gently thrusts up as you sink down, the head of her cock pressing deep within you until it meets your inner pleasure.
You didn’t expect it to be like this. You were just curious what it would be like to fuck yourself after the Great Shift. You’d already fucked everyone else in the house and you saw the way your mom looked at you sometimes. You remembered how horny you were and it was easy to tease her until she took you right there in the kitchen.
You threw your clothes aside, bodies coming together, skin against skin. Her hands roamed over your curves, squeezing and groping your body, sending you aflame with desire.
Now you rock on your former dick, enjoying the immense fullness it brings. Your mom’s hands circle your plump ass and she yanks you down towards her as she thrusts up. The motion drives a cry from your lips.
This is even better than your sister’s tongue, better than your dad’s cock, better than your fingers. You rock quicker, following the ache in your mom’s body as it grows and grows, your whole body growing taut until the tension snaps and you cum hard, orgasming around your own dick and enjoying the best orgasm you’ve ever had in your mom’s body.


Don’t think just do it
Try not to think about it
Ok, think about it

The final chapter of a young man who is swapped into his mom’s body and forced to obey her sensual commands. In this chapter, Eric’s mom lets his dad in on the fun.

This book is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.


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