Joe appeared inside his girlfriend, Miranda, mid-gasp. He felt the pleasure flooding her body as the first warm rays of orgasm burned through him. His mouth dropped open and he gazed down at his girlfriend’s body, at the soft hair tickling his chest, as the bouncing breasts, at the wet pussy spread wide for some other dude’s dick.
Joe had been sure Miranda was cheating on him but he had no proof. So one afternoon he’d loaded her inti possession.com. When she went out, he gave her enough time to get where she was going and then loaded himself into her. He’d intended to just find the name of the guy she was fucking, but he waited too long and instead possessed her body mid-orgasm.
Joe came hard on the stranger’s dick, the pleasure rendering him unable to think, to push himself off. All he could do was ride the warm cock. Even worse was when it came. He could feel it throb inside him, could feel the hot spurts of cum filling his girlfriend’s insides. Christ, he wasn’t even wearing a condom!
Joe could do nothing but cry out and enjoy the orgasm. As the pleasure ebbed he was able to compose himself and he rolled off the stranger only to find it was no stranger. It was Miranda’s guy friend. The one she’d known since forever and who she had assured Joe that there was no chemistry between them.
Apparently, they’d found their chemistry. Joe was still inside Miranda for ten more minutes. Plenty of time for him to fuck up her life just like she’d fucked up his. He would start by scaring off the guy he’d just screwed.

The final chapter of a young man who is swapped into his mom’s body and forced to obey her sensual commands. In this chapter, Eric’s mom lets his dad in on the fun.

This book is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.

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