On vacation as mom


Hi, was hoping you’d like to do this request! I love family swaps so you may change the roles if that works better for you (e.g brother/sister instead of mom/son), but here goes:

Our guy is swapped with his single mom. She and her boyfriend planned to go on vacation, and our guy has no choice but to get whisked away, as the pair looked forward so much to it. Obviously our guy has to keep up the charade, including lots of sex over the course of the vacation.

Jace was horrified when he accidentally swapped bodies with his mom after they both touched a magical statue. Even worse, it was right before his mom’s boyfriend, Brent, was set to whisk her away to a week-long vacation. No one would ever believe what had happened and his mom didn’t want to ruin her relationship. So she convinced Jace to go on vacation and pretend to be her.
Brent was very handsy in the ride to the airport and on the plane. Jace tried to subtly fend off his advances while somehow still flirting. Jace was also still adjusting to his mom’s body. He kept feeling things shifting and bobbing in unfamiliar ways. It didn’t help that his mom had been wearing a light dress that wafted across Jace’s new skin and made him keenly aware of his bare thighs brushing together, along with the emptiness between his legs.
Jace thought he would get a break from Brent when they made it to their rental, but while he was in the kitchen preparing some coffee, Brent snuck up behind him.
“You’ve been driving me crazy all day,” Brent growled seductively in Jace’s ear.
Brent pressed himself up against Jace so that Jace could feel the man’s erection against the swell of his ass. Brent reached around and dragged his hands across Jace’s body while nibbling on his neck. His touch spiked a deep warmth between Jace’s thighs and made Jace realize how horny his mom’s body was.
Jace tilted his head back as Brent freed a ripe breast. Jace leaned back against the solid man behind him as his hand wandered beneath his dress and up to his mom’s waiting sex. God, pressing against his entrance felt incredible and he let out a sigh as Brent’s hands moved faster and his desire grew more urgent.
Intellectually, Jace knew he was sliding his fingers into his mom’s pussy, stretching her canal and dragging his wetness up and down. But it felt like his body.
In the end, Jace acted just like his mom would have, and gave himself over to Brent.

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