Honey, we have a problem

I was half asleep, tangled in the sheets when I felt my wife moving around.
“Uh, honey, we have a problem,” a deep male voice spoke up.
The strange voice shocked me awake. I fumbled with the covers, yanking them down along with the…spaghetti strap top I was wearing?? A small breast was poking from my shirt, the nipple pink and very familiar. I twisted around, feeling as I did so the strange plumpness of my thighs and the vast emptiness between my legs.
Standing beside the bed was a man with his cock in his hand, stroking his erection as he pondered it. I screeched, “Who the fuck are you?” And realized that my voice was higher pitched. A woman’s voice.
Blinking my eyes, I realized that the man was, well, me. My body was standing there with an erection and I was apparently lying in bed in my wife’s body. I looked down at myself, at the little nipple I’d enjoyed sucking on, at the creamy thighs I’d enjoyed pinching. I looked up at him…or…her, I guess.
“I was working on an experiment,” my former body began. “And I guess it went off overnight.”
“What? How long are we…are we like this?” I said, my breasts heaving.
“Until I can get it fixed,” she shrugged.
Even in my panic there was a little part of me that was getting aroused at seeing my wife shift beneath me, at feeling her body move, her legs rub together, at being able to touch her any time I wanted. From the rock hard cock in her hands, I guessed she felt the same.

Layton must find Sanda and get his body back from the vampire mistress before Lord Traian can track him down and carry him back to the castle in Dark Lord’s Mistress 3, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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  1. So “she” did the only thing she could think of at the moment. Grabbed the hard cock and started sucking on it till her body said, put that damn thing in me! Zoe

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