Only way back

Elliot had found a way to send his mind back in time and had intended to go back to college and make money on the stock market. But his calculations had been off.
Instead of his old dorm room, he found himself in a strange bedroom. Even weirder, he was wearing a dress that hugged a slender form. His eyes were focused on his chest, where the most amazing pair of tits hung. Blonde hair tickled down his back.
“What the fuck?” Elliot whispered, equal parts shocked and awed at the amazing body he possessed. His voice was light and airy and weirdly familiar.
Elliot was so focused on the way his hands splayed across his new tits.he didn’t realize he was standing in front of a mirror. When he looked up and saw his reflection he got the second shock of his (new) life.
The hot blonde in the mirror was his mom at twenty years old.
“Oh fuck,” he said, dropping his tits. “Oh no. No, no, no.”
He backed away and his tight little rear bumped against the wall.
His mouth dropped open and he spread his hands wide, not wanting to touch anything as he stared down at the sexy little body he now wore, the long lean legs poking out the bottom.
Jesus, his mom really had been hot when she was younger. But would he mess up his own life if he stayed like this? It wasn’t like he had much of a choice. The only way back was to live through the years and see what happened.

Layton must find Sanda and get his body back from the vampire mistress before Lord Traian can track him down and carry him back to the castle in Dark Lord’s Mistress 3, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


  1. In stead of back to 2011 in University of Alaska from 2024 in Ottawa, Ontario he traveled to 1991 in Stockholm, Sweden from Ottawa, Canada in 2024.
    Hope she doesn’t get Married to the wrong guy. They may end up with a Daughter instead. Unless he/she is made to make changes to history. Go ahead make a mistake.

  2. Should do a follow up where he secures his future and makes it back, only to find out he changed the past and made it so he’s in a reality where he was now born as a woman. Maybe he’s a stripper or something now too

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