Like a champ Review
Name: Jennifer Gilmore
Age: 39
Bra Size: 38D
Occupation: Stay at home mom
Relationship History: Married
Libido: High
Cost: $$$

I don’t know which one of you started the affair with her son but my hat’s off to you. That 19 year old eats pussy like a champ. Wonder if he’s ever come on to his mom when she wasn’t being possessed lol!! His tongue is incredible and I can pretty much say satisfaction is guaranteed.

This body is elegance refined. I wanted to give my boyfriend experience with an older woman and Jennifer did not disappoint. Sure, her breasts are fake but they’re done really well. Her husband’s spent a lot of money on this body and she’s spent a lot of time keeping it in shape. She must do a ton of kegels because her pussy was even tighter than mine! It was hard to ditch the kid though but I wasn’t going to cheat on my husband, even in another woman’s body.

Damn as soon as I appeared in Jennifer’s body her son was all over me. Guess he keeps tabs on this website ha ha. Was nice like a full service possession with her son taking care of all my needs and showing me how to reach much orgasms. Husband is okay but son is better.

well worth the price!! her son was off at college when i got inside her so didn’t get to have the same experience as others here. still nice using my fingers and her husband was real attentive once i got his attention. guess he’s not used to his wife coming on to him. probably because she’s worn out from her son!! orgasms are fire. five stars. next time will try with her son

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