Ok, think about it

Previously: Try not to think about it

I didn’t set out to have sex in my son’s body – and especially not with my daughter – but things changed after the Great Shift. I was having sex with my husband when it happened. He was taking me from behind and I was pressed up against the mirror because my husband loved the visuals. The next second I was in my son’s room and in my son’s body.
After the disorientation passed, I raced back to my room just in time to see my husband finish inside my former body. It turned out that my husband was now in my daughter’s body and the kids were in our bodies.
Like everyone else, we were glued to the television for days hoping for answers. In that time I got used to the size of my body and the constant hunger and the unwanted erections. My husband and I were in our room commiserating when I got one of those erections. He laughed at my discomfort and then offered to help with it. I was shocked when he grabbed my dick but it felt so damn good I didn’t tell him to stop.
Soon he had my daughter naked and her hand around my girth. He stroked up and down as he kissed me, tongue probing my mouth as his tits brushed against my chest. I lost all sense of reason then at the intense desire I had for his little body. I didn’t even protest as he straddled me and sank down, letting my new cock slide through my daughter’s entrance and deep into her slick warm pussy. My teenage body hadn’t had any release for days and I was so horny. My daughter’s pussy felt so incredible I came almost immediately, erupting into her as I gripped her hips and shoved myself up, up.
My husband laughed at my quick finished. Then lay back on the bed and said it was his turn. It was only fair.

The final chapter of a young man who is swapped into his mom’s body and forced to obey her sensual commands. In this chapter, Eric’s mom lets his dad in on the fun.

This book is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.


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