Don’t think just do it

Try not to think about it
Ok, think about it

Your dad was still attracted to your mom’s body after the Great Shift, which meant that your dad was now attracted to you because you were in your mom’s body. He was in your sister’s body, and would make little flirty comments or dress up provocatively when no one else was around.
You weren’t interested in having sex with your dad’s body – now with your sister inside – nor could you quite figure out how to wring pleasure from your mom’s body. As a consequence of not being able to get off, you soon became horny as hell. It was only a matter of time before your dad broke through.
It happened one afternoon when your mom and sister went out. Your dad sat on your lap and he smelled so delightful, felt so soft with his bare skin pressing up against yours. When he kissed you a beautiful ache blossomed in your core.
Soon you were on your back, legs spread as your dad dove between your legs. He planted your sister’s mouth on your mom’s pussy and stared up into your eyes. His tongue flicked gently across your velvety folds and a gasp escaped your lips.
Even though it was your sister between your legs, and your mom’s body you were looking down, it felt so incredible you gave yourself in to it. As your dad feasted on your pussy you reached up to play with your huge tits, squeezing them as the first waves of orgasm pulsed through you.
Your dad’s tongue was magical and your sister’s face was soon slick with your mom’s juices and yet another orgasm burst through you.
When your dad came up from air it was time to switch, and he taught you all about how to pleasure a woman.

The final chapter of a young man who is swapped into his mom’s body and forced to obey her sensual commands. In this chapter, Eric’s mom lets his dad in on the fun.

This book is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.


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