Not too thrilled 2

You can't believe it's only been two weeks since the prostitute in your mom's body was released from the hospital. Things have been moving so fast. She's a little trashier than your mom, a little more of a partier, and much less modest. You never knew how your mom fucked -- nor did you want to know -- but the prostitute has done things to you with your mom's body that no one else has.
"Ready to go?" She asks, adjusting the tight red dress down your mom's body. Her tits are practically hanging out. It was an outfit your prim mother wouldn't have been caught dead in.
You grin, looking from her breasts to the bed you've spent much of the last two weeks in. You haven't even bothered making it because she keeps pulling you back in and riding you hard. You've gotten over the fact that it's your mom's tits in your face, your mom's warm, wet pussy that you're thrusting inside, your mom's ass that you're smacking, your mom's voice that's crying out for more. Now she's just your lover.
"Uh uh," she smiles, knowing exactly what you're thinking, "You gotta take me out to dinner first. Somewhere with a buffet. You know, classy-like."
You take her arm and lead her away. She knows you're hard as a rock and she teases you with every sway of her hips, stroking you in the elevator and leaving you warm and on edge.
All you have to do is make it through dinner, then you can get back home and throw her back down on the bed and fuck her like she wants. Like you both want.

An alpha male is forcibly body swapped into a down-on-her-luck woman and trapped in her life in Whole New World, available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


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