Give momma some sugar

"Oh, hey, son, welcome home," my mom cried.
She was washing dishes and naked except for an apron. I averted my eyes from the curve of her ass even as she laughed and stuck her butt out furhter.
"Come on, stop that," I pleaded with her.
She wasn't really my mom. She was a homeless lady who'd stolen my mom's body. My mom was stuck in her body in a shelter somewhere while this homeless lady was living it up and ruining our lives..
"You know you like this," mom said, turning around and tweaking her bare nipple, rubbing soap over it until it perked out beneath her touch. "Come get some, baby. I only fucked twice today and momma's still horny."
God, she was driving me crazy. I can't say I wasn't turned on. I mean, my mom was hot, and here was this hot woman offering herself up to me. Tempting me whenever she could. Hell, most days she didn't even bother with the apron.
As I went to get a drink of water she clung to me, rubbing her tits up against me before taking my hand and guiding it to her plump ass.
"Give momma some sugar," she whispered in my ear.
My cock twitched at this. I mean, mom's tits were right there. Her bare ass right there. She kept playing with her breasts, soaping them up and squeezing them until she was slick and shiny. She laughed as she did so, her laughter turning to sighs of delight as her hand slid down her apron and between her legs. 
I didn't know how much longer I could hold out.

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