Not too thrilled

You're in the hospital room when the person who now inhabits your mom's body wakes up. You weren't too thrilled that they'd put a prostitute's mind into your mom's body, but you didn't really have a choice.
"Hey young man," she says, placing her hand on your leg. "I'm not sure who you are or where we are, but if you like what you see, I can give you a good price for some fun."
"I uh… you’re in my mom's body… in a hospital…" you say.
"What do you mean?"
You explain about the accident and the body transfer. She jumps out of bed and looks down at the body she now possesses.
"Holy shit!" Her hands come up to her breasts and she smiles, then jiggles them. "Well, this isn't bad at all," she says.
She turns this way and that, checking out her new body. It's so strange seeing your mom move with someone else's mannerisms. And you've never seen your mom so curious about her tits and her ass. She pinches and squeezes herself, laughing as she does.
"So this is me now, huh?" She says. "Gotta say, this is an upgrade."
She sits back in bed and you talk about what's going to happen now. She's instantly comfortable in her new body and very flirty, fluffing her hair out, leaning forward to give you a glimpse of her breasts, touching you and laughing at all your jokes. Her personality shines out through your mom's body, and you find yourself starting to have feelings for this stranger who looks like someone you know.

An alpha male is forcibly body swapped into a down-on-her-luck woman and trapped in her life in Whole New World, available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


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