Not gonna happen

"Oh my gawd," Will rolled his eyes. "How many times do I have to tell you? This is my body now and I'll walk around with my tits out if I want to."
"When they figure out a way to switch us back--" Ginny began.
"Got news for you," Will replied, turning to face his sister and letting his tits swing back and forth. "They're never going to figure out what caused the Great Shift. It's been six months and they still know nothing. It was a fluke accident so you may as well get used to it."
Ginny frowned but she had no retort. Will almost laughed looking up at his former gawky body. He definitely won out in this swap. He became his hot sister while she became a nerd. Now she didn't have the body or the brains, while Will had both.
"Do you miss these?" Will asked, stroking the tits that he'd come to love. "You can take a picture of them because that's all you'll ever get."
"I'm telling mom and dad."
"Whatever. Can't stop me from doing what I want. In fact, I think I'll go back to my bedroom and enjoy them in private. Better turn up your music if you don't want to hear me."


  1. You should not go about with your breast out in a place some one can see you like the living room ,or kitchen in the Sate of Michigan during 19th to 21st century . Unless it is to : breastfeed (🀱🏻🀱🏼🀱🏾🀱🏿 ), see a Medical Doctor ,or to have Sex with someone that all so wants to have Sex with you all so . That person needs to be 18 years, or older + more than a 1st Cousin once removed.

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