Not ready to swallow

"I'm not ready to swallow," Hank apologized as he looked up at his wife, who towered over him in his body.
Hank's fingers were still wrapped around her shaft and she was growing soft in his grip. Her cum had splattered across his chest and was now dripping down the tits he so loved.
"That's okay," Mary sighed, stroking his head with one hand. "That felt so fucking good."
"You liked it?"
"I did. It was just so intense and...sudden."
Mary had found a magic amulet that allowed her to swap bodies with her husband. They'd used it to have some fun. It was Mary who'd suggested the blowjob, wondering why her husband liked them so much. Hank had agreed and found himself surprisingly comfortable with the cock in his mouth. After all, it was his cock.
He hadn't been ready to swallow and when he heard her grunt and felt her cock start to throb he pulled his lips off and let her seed splash across his bare skin. Mary was sated but Hank was restless. A heat and a slipperiness had built up within his legs that he needed to deal with.
"Do you think you could... take care of me?" Hank asked.
"Absolutely," she grinned.
He stood and kissed her, pressing his new tits against his former masculine chest. Then he led her to the bed and she ducked between his legs. She knew just what to do and soon Hank was crying out  as he climaxed inside his wife's body.


  1. I would like to swap with my boyfriend. It would be nice to see him in my little body taking care of his own cock 😃

  2. I will be ready from the beginning, not hesitating to swallow it all, of course after tasting it first…. . – Tom –

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