Morning, lover

"Morning, lover," a soft, female voice woke Marcy.
She blinked, confused at hearing a woman in her bed. She'd brought an older man she met at the bar home with her last night, but didn't think she was drunk enough to invite a woman into the bedroom, too. Marcy turned to look at who else was in the bed and got the shock of her life. She found herself looking at her own body, head propped up on one hand, silky blonde hair cascading down to the pillow, bare breasts hanging from her chest.
"What-?" Marcy began, in a voice much too deep to be her own.
Her former body laughed as Marcy flipped off the sheets and stared down at the male body she now possessed. She was naked. A thick, flaccid cock hung between her legs.
"I thought it was time for me to start a new life," the man in her former body said. "You're all set up, though. Decent place to live. Good job. You're a little older but no big deal. All I need is my mind and these tits."
"What did you do? Give me my body back!"
The stranger shook her head. "Forget about it. Though, if you want, I will give you one last opportunity to enjoy this body." 
The stranger placed Marcy's own hand on her new cock. It twitched beneath the soft touch. There was really only one choice to make.


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