Hate this

"I hate this," Jared's mom - in the body of Jared's girlfriend, Tanya - managed to moan, briefly popping her lips off Jared's dad's dick.
Then she went right back to it, gorging herself on Jared's dad's cock. It was hard to believe she hated it because the look on her face was one of utter bliss. She drove Tanya's lips down as far as she could, filling herself on her husband's dick.
"Sorry...hmmm...son," Jared's dad grunted as he thrust his cock in between his wife's new pillowy lips.
The Stranger had burst into their house to play his twisted games. He'd swapped the bodies of Jared's girlfriend and mom, then magicked Jared's mom to need her husband's dick, as well as for Jared himself to watch. The Stranger had left suddenly, distracted by something. But it still left the family in an awkward position.
They huddled in the living room, unsure what to do or how to change back. Every now and Jared's mom would yank down her husband's pants and start sucking his cock. The magic forced Jared to stop whatever he was doing and watch her.
"Oh god, not again," Tanya whined, in Jared's mom's voice.
She hated watching her former young, fit body from within her old, plump one. She hated watching herself drop to her knees and suck on some old guy's dick until he pumped in between her lips. She hated the greedy gulping that her former body did as it swallowed every last drop of cum.


  1. Can you put caps for The Stranger on their own tag? Using the “Stranger” tag gets them mixed up with so many other things.

    1. Would he be able to stomach staying with her, even though she is basically his mother now. Would he feel obliged to support her and tell her she’s still beautiful, even though deep down he’s disgusted? (Also if anyone has any stories where this idea is explored, please link)

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