No reason why not

Isabelle hadn't intended to fuck her dad while stuck in her mom's body. She'd been avoiding him most of the day, making excuses to stay away, hoping her mom would be able to find the amulet and switch them back. Part of the spell apparently prevented her from telling anyone what had happened.
All was going well until her dad caught her in the bedroom while coming out of the shower. Before she could escape he slipped up behind her and wrapped her up in his solid arms. He kissed her neck, hands gliding up and down her body. Isabelle struggled to think of a decent excuse to get away even while her body warmed and pleasant thoughts began slipping through her mind.
Her dad slid the dress off her shoulders, hands coming up to her tits, and Isabelle's resistance melted. Her mom's body wanted this, wanted to feel her dad's cock pressed against her backside, his hands across her body.
She threw her neck back and sighed as he nibbled her, groping her and enjoying the feel of her soft body. She was soon naked, stepping out of the dress and pressing against the bare cock as it slid up and down the crack of her ass, teasing as her dad stroked her.
He sat back and she lowered herself on him, his cock pushing inside her wet entrance. She sighed in delight as he filled her, his dick sliding through Isabelle's stolen body, pushing against the walls of her cunt as he filled her, fucking her long and slow while she enjoyed her mom's immense orgasm.

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