Another thing to see it

It was awkward that first day back in the office after the fantasy orgasm swapping event when I walked in through the door in the body of Holly, one of the women who worked on my floor. I was sure everyone knew I'd been masturbating to a picture of her at the time of the event. And I knew Holly knew, because she'd likely appeared in my body just in time to find the cock in her hand erupting, spurting hot cum over her fingers.
I didn't tell Holly that I'd spent that week of worldwide chaos safely in her apartment, fingers deep in her pussy, pleasuring myself in every room. I enjoyed the heft of my tits and the sway of my deliciously fat butt. But the way Holly looked at me the first time we saw each other in our new bodies told me she knew everything.
That first day back I couldn't help myself. Her body was still kind of new to me and here I was, wearing the dress that I'd ached to take off her so many times. When I had a few minutes to myself in my cubicle I slipped my top down and pulled out Holly's tits. Wrapping her petite hand around one I squeezed the nipple, pinching the firm flesh until pleasure pulsed through me and I gasped. God, her tits were so sensitive and I was so in love with her body I had an orgasm right there, shaking quietly, biting my lip and leaning against the divider as I came, my tits and ass jiggling with pleasure.
I heard a noise, looked up and saw my former body, face aghast. It was one thing to know what I'd been doing to her body, but I guess it was another thing to see it.

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