New Directions 1

"We can become any of these performers?" Andrew asked, perusing the digital catalogue.
"That's right," the New Directions saleslady agreed cheerfully, "You can even try out being the opposite sex. Having a dick is pretty intense."
This last was said to Ana, whose pale cheeks blushed a deep crimson. 
"So we take over their bodies and then what?" Ana asked.
"Anything you want," the saleslady replied. "All our interactions are filmed for other customers' enjoyment. And remember, it's not your body up there. Have fun being someone else!"
Andrew eventually chose a well hung guy, while Ana chose a busty Latina. They took a seat in the machines, which were powered up. As soon as the switch flipped they found themselves in the performers' bodies and in a living room of some sort.
"Oh dios mio!" Ana cried in a new hispanic accent, gazing down at her body. The accent was part of the body; Ana couldn't shake it.
 She stared at her hands before touching her face and her busty new body, fingers landing on her heavy breasts. This body was wearing a fishnet top and panties and...nothing else. She could see everything, her golden skin and tall form radiating sex, unlike her rather plain real body.
Andrew grinned from within his new body, a striking young blonde whose bulge was already evident. Andrew dropped his pants and they both gaped at the size of his new cock. It seemed impossibly huge.
It was odd at first for each of them, touching someone else's dick, stroking someone else's pussy with new hands, but the sensations were incredible and the two quickly got into it. Andrew moaned as he shoved the entirety of his dick into Ana's warm, wet entrance, filling her and pumping slowly, increasing his rhythm as the pleasure spilled through him. Soon they were both crying out and he came, emptying himself into her, his cock throbbing and jetting an impossible amount of cum into her tight hole as she cried out "Give it to me, papi!" in her enticing new accent.

Five previously published erotic short stories by best-selling body swap author M Wills, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

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