New Directions 2

Andrew and Ana returned to New Directions the next week. This time they eagerly flipped through the catalogue, looking for something completely different. Ana settled on a curvaceous blonde MILF, while Andrew chose a young stud that could have been her son.
They plugged in and once again appeared on set -- a kitchen this time -- in their chosen bodies. Ana tossed her long blonde hair back and stared down into the most immense cleavage she'd ever seen. She grabbed her tits experimentally, marvelling at the size and weight of them. In real life Ana was a petite woman, so having these breasts was a real eye-opener. Her incredible body was clad in a long pink sweater that ended just at her thighs. She was exceedingly made up, with long nails and jewelry. All she wore below her sweater was a a skimpy pair of panties..
Andrew was next to her in the body of a young man who, like all the performers in New Directions, was exceedingly well hung. He could feel his new dick resting against his thigh, already twitching at the sigh of Ana.
"Well, my stepson," she said, grabbing his shirt and diving into some role play, "Don't tell your father, but I've been thinking about riding you since I moved in."
"Same, mom," Andrew agreed, playing along.
Soon he had his huge cock out and slid it deep into Ana's willing body. Ana laughed and spread her legs, grabbing him and pulling him towards her so he could fill her insatiable new body on his cock. He pumped into her, grabbing her smooth thighs and thrusting as he grunted, his cock slipping through her wet, warm canal over and over until he came in a rumbling, thundering orgasm that spilled his hot heat into Ana, who cried with delight, shaking around the huge dick inside her.

Five previously published erotic short stories by best-selling body swap author M Wills, available on Smashwords or Amazon.


  1. I really like these kind of histories, and i would be really glad if you want make one or two more with Ana and Andrew in the opossite gender 😉

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