Starting to believe

"Uh, Aunt Sharon?" I giggled in embarrassed surprise as she reached around and pulled down my top from behind.
She wasn't really my aunt, just my mom's best friend. But she'd been acting strange today. When I finally slipped out of her grasp and shrugged my dress back up she leaned against the table and looked down at herself.
"Whatsamatter? Don't want any of this pussy?"
She plunged her hands down her pants and roughly fingered herself, grimacing as she shifted her hand around. Her other hand yanked her top down, spilling out her tits, which she fondled roughlym as though she'd never felt them before. It took me a second to find any words but when I did they were loud and surprised. I soon got the story out of her.
"I'm not your aunt," she said, "My name is Roland and I was in prison for rape, but me and a buddy found a way to get out by swapping bodies. Your mom and her friend just happened to be close by when we cast the spell. I guess it's good I got a willing bitch here I can fuck whenever I want. And such a nice pussy."
She thrust her hands back in her pants and began happily fingering herself again. I hurried away, covering my ears to silence her increasingly loud moaning. Was she having some sort of breakdown?.
It was only when I found my mom in the downstairs room we used as a gym, fucking a guy from school, that I started to believe. She was naked and riding Mike Ashton, one of the school druggies, and swearing in a way totally unlike her.
"Fuck this tight little cunt," she cried, her tits swaying up and down as Mike kissed her and thrust up unto her. "God, this body needs a good fucking. More! More!"
I could hear the slap of her ass and the wet sounds of Mike inside her. The way she was throwing herself on him was disgusting.
That's when I believed, though there was nothing I could do except sit by and watch the prisoners enjoy their debauchery with their bodies.

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