Look at himself

Nathan covered his face with his hands as Becca lined his cock up and just slipped the tip through his entrance. He could feel his pussy lips grasping the cock, and his body was anticipating the wonderful rush of warmth even as he grew shy.
"Relax," Becca said, pausing to recover herself. The feeling of her warm wet pussy around her new cock was intensely pleasurable. "You want this. I can tell."
Nathan was so wet. Becca had been good to him, licking and teasing her own former pussy with her tongue and fingers until he was dripping wet, his body anxious for release.
Still, he couldn't look at himself as Becca slowly slipped inside. The heat was divine. The cock pressed apart the walls of his tight cunt as Becca slid into him. God, it felt so good being filled, her heat joining his, and he spread his legs, welcoming her deeper.
She lay on top of him, sliding in and out, her gasps blowing warm air across his hands. She gently prised his hands away from his face and cupped his head as she fucked him slowly with his own dick, staring into his eyes. 
It was so strange watching himself from this angle, feeling his own cock inside his tiny new body. The pleasure rose and Becca moved faster with it, until she pumped in deep and came, filling Nathan's new pussy with his own cum as he wriggled and sighed, breathless with passion and needy for release.

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