Another round

My wife and I rested in bed, exhausted after our long, slow fuck. Her hand rested protectively on my thigh, fingers occasionally stroking up and down the pale skin I now owned. My former cock -- source of so much of my recent pleasure -- hung flaccid between her legs as she closed her eyes.
My wife's breasts hung heavy from my chest, flopping down over one arm. My other hand lay between my legs. My pussy was sore in such a good way and the seed from my former dick dripped slowly from me. I casually stroked my pussy with my fingers, enjoying the feel of the pussy I now owned, the way the little lips parted for me, the silky warmth of my inner folds.
I looked over at my former face, staring at myself from this new angle as a smile curled my lips.
The Global Switch had been better for us than a lot of other people. At least we knew the bodies we were now in and hadn't ended up in total strangers. Plus, I was still attracted to my wife's body and it was hard for me to keep my hands off myself. Just walking around and feeling her tits bounce, her hips sway was a wonderful sensation that made me moist. I snuck away every now and then to play with my pussy, inviting her whenever she was in the mood.
I think we both enjoyed much more sex after the switch. The novelty of the situation combined with being in our lover's bodies made us horny and eager to try things out. Hell, I was almost ready to go for another round right there.

A college student discovers the ability to hop into people’s bodies, and uses his new power to take over his cute crush and explore her life in How I Became a Hopper, on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. I really love it to be stuck as such a lovely woman permanently! And making love to my wife in my former male body – that is just so delicious, so fantastic, such a sensual, erotic pleasure …. . – Tom –

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