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Request: Would it be possible to get some recommendations of tg caption blogs off you? You’re blog is lovely by the way.

Thank you.

I occasionally post links to sites I like. I keep going back to the same ones over and over, but as I’m going through all their archives pretty quickly I think I’ll be forced to branch out soon! The problem is I’m kind of picky, I like cute girls, can’t do caps that are screenshots of tv shows and movies because it just takes me out of the story, and generally like nudity and graphic descriptions/images of the aftermath of the change but not the change itself. Of course body swaps or thefts are my top choices, and to a lesser extent possessions.

The ones I keep going back to are Some TG Caps (shorter caps that get right to the relationship between swapper and swap-ee are hot but also sometimes uses images from tv shows),  MT Captions (nice pics, good descriptions), Lady Elysia (Really hot F2F caps there) and just recently I’ve discovered TG Swapping Caps (been around for a while but new to me). You can find a couple more sites I like on the links page including World of TG which is a TG site aggregator.

I’m a relative newcomer to the cap scene, though. If you’ve got a suggestion for a site let me know in the comments.


  1. Please feel free to repost whatever you want. I don’t repost all my caps on here though as it is too time consuming but I will post one or two to entice people over to the Blogger site.

  2. I heard about an awesome blog called Dr Destruct’s Dark Depths. I heard he an awesome handsome sexy guy who doesn’t like to blow his own trumpet… 😉

    1. I heard that I checked out Dr Destruct’s Dark Depths and it was quite good. Mind if I repost one of your caps?

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