My Favorite Sites

Great Caption Sites:

Mostly Just Swap Caps (hot captions, highly recommended)

Carly’s Captions (if you like my caps you’ll enjoy these)

Twisted TG (interesting ideas and good twists on familiar themes)

w8z2x4m (Elle-Jae, who often contributes such amazing sequels to my captions, has her own blog here)

The Swapping Grounds (hot pics and situations)

TG Swapping Caps (good all around, has great series’)

Some TG Caps (hit and miss but updated daily, mostly softcore)

Ashleigh B (not often updated, unfortunately)

Lady Elysia (great F2F)


Great Story Sites:



Huge Caption Link Site:

World of TG


Have you seen the Reddit page?


And, of course, you can find all my books on Amazon or Smashwords or wherever ebooks are sold!