Addiction (Part 2)

Previously : Addiction (Part 1)

He pulls out and I lie on the bed, exhausted. I’d never had sex in one of my borrowed bodies. I’d always taken care to leave them as I found them but this time I had no choice. The body I was in overwhelmed me with pleasure, usually it’s the other way around.

The man looks down at me, his cock slowly softening. “Can you feel me in your head, Professor? I can feel you,” he says.

“Who are you?” I ask, feeling slightly vulnerable in my petite, naked female form.

“I wish I had your gift,” he continues, ignoring me, “I can’t personally jump bodies, but I can control those who can. And now I’ve locked on to you. Let’s be clear, when you find yourself in a body I’ve chosen for you, you will obey me.”

He leans down and caresses my cheek. “Just remember that and we’ll be fine. Now go.”

He pushes me out of this body and I awake back in my own. I’m gripped in equal parts fear and anger. Who the hell is he? Are there more of him? Are there more of me? I’m shaking. I go downstairs and grab a beer out of the fridge. I have no idea what’s going to happen next. Or when.

Two days after that first encounter I’m in my office grading some assignments in the late afternoon. Quite suddenly the room recedes into blackness. A second later my awareness comes back, all senses hit me at once. The buzz of conversation. The smell of food. I’ve got something in my mouth, crunchy. I look down at a delicately manicured hand holding a fork with some salad on the end. That answers that. I notice my dark, patterned dress that hugs an amazing pair of breasts. Before I can do anything else, He sits down across from me.

“Hello, Professor.” he smiles.

I swallow. “Where am I?” I ask in a sexily throaty voice.

“A little restaurant I frequent. I saw the body you’re in from across the room and knew I had to have her. Don’t worry, she came alone.”

“What do you want?”

“Straight to the point, I like that. We’re going to go into the bathroom and you’re going to give me an amazing blowjob.”

“Like hell.”

“Remember my only rule. You will obey me.”

“Or what?”

His eyes flash angrily and he leans forward, “Or I’ll leave you stuck like this. In a body you know nothing about while your own body withers and dies.”

Could he do that? I don’t know. I don’t know the extent of his powers. He’s holding all the cards here. The only thing I can do is obey, and wait and try to figure everything out. I drop my eyes. “Ok.” I mumble.

“Come with me.”

He stands and I follow him, my graceful hips swish under my dress and my heels click off each step, ticking down to the moment I’ll have to take him into my mouth. He opens the restroom door and pulls me in. It’s one of those single toilet rooms. He locks the door and I get a look at my body in the mirror. Gorgeous grey-green eyes topped with delicately arched brows. My red hair is pulled back except for a sweep of hair which hangs down over one eye. Luscious lips. I trace one finger down my smooth cheeks. He smiles behind me in the mirror.

“That’s right. Enjoy it. I’m only doing the same thing you do. Borrowing a body for my own ends.”

“No, it’s different. I’d never do anything that could affect their lives. I’ve never done…this.”

“It’s amazing the things we can make ourselves believe. Stealing a body is stealing a body. Everything that you do with it is just details. If it helps you can pretend you have no choice. Now…shall we?”

He unzips his pants. I kneel down in front of him, licking my full lips nervously. I grab his already growing member in one small hand and hesitate, staring at the cock in front of my face. I slowly open my mouth and take him in, sliding my shiny lips down his shaft I can feel him growing harder in my mouth. He places a hand behind my head and guides me as I stare up at him trapped and angry but forced to continue.



He guides my head up and down his shaft. It’s completely hard now but still oddly soft. I taste his sweat, smell his manliness each time my nose is pressed into his groin. His cock fills my mouth and I take in as much as I can. His hand forces my head to bob and down, faster now as his breath speeds up. His cock is slick with my saliva and I slurp up and down, my new breasts jiggling. He’s in control, his hand forces me up and down, grabbing my hair and I have no choice. Up and down, all I can concentrate on is his cock, his pleasure until it spasms and without warning he blasts his hot cum down my throat. I choke and try to pull away but he grips my hair, forcing me to swallow. He holds me in place until his cock is empty and I’ve swallowed it all. I pull back and wipe a bit of his cum off the side of my mouth.

He looks down at me. “Good girl. Now clean yourself up, go sit down at the table, and I’ll send you back.”

He leaves and I turn back to the mirror to look at my borrowed body. I try to fix my dishevelled red hair, rinse my mouth out and make sure there are no stray drops of his cum. All the while I think about this gorgeous woman. For the first time I really think about the body I’m in. Who is she? Will she have any idea what I’ve made her do? And I think about my conversation with him. Is he right? Are we really the same?

I return to the table and he’s as good as his word. I wake up back in my own body.




  1. I love what you are doing with this. You are an excellent writer with very creative and well thought out ideas to bring out the story.

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